We all know that nowadays global warming has a devastating impact on world, even though it is sometimes not noticeable at all. Furthermore, the some of the most precious touristic destinations are suffering along with it and will no doubt soon disappear off the map! If you are planning your next dream vacation, consider the following destinations as their days on the Earth have a clock.

1. Maldives

Famous for being the lowest island in the world, the majority of these postcard islands are less than a few feet above sea level. No wonder the group of islands are endangered by the rising ocean level! The situation is so critical that the President and the federal government of the Maldives have begun purchasing new land for their citizens. If this global trend goes on, the Maldives as we know it, will disappear under the surface of the sea.

2. The Great Barrier Reef

The most amazing reef in the world is dying! The largest and the most breath-taking coral reef in the world is just off the east coast of Australia. The ocean acidification, pollution, cyclones and the rising sea temperature causing coral bleaching issues. As a result, 50% of the Great Barrier Reef have therefore disappeared in the last 30 years. It is predicted that in 2030 the Great Barrier Reef will officially be history.
The Great Barrier Reef - 8 Places to Travel Before They Disappear Forever

3. Venice, Italy

The “City of Water” has a long history and known to be one of many romantic getaway destinations. There is no doubt that everyone is arguing about what will happen to Venice and when it’s time will come, as the city sinking 5 times quicker as scientists have predicted.
Venice - 8 Places to Travel Before They Disappear Forever

4. Madagascar

The 4th biggest island in the world is one that has a dense tropical rain forest and wide range of wildlife. Nevertheless this ecosystem has been destroyed time after time through poaching, burning and logging, and nothing has been done about it. If somebody does not decide to take proactive action, the wildlife and rain forests will disappear in no time.
Madagascar - 8 Places to Travel Before They Disappear Forever

5. The Dead Sea

Everybody needs to take a dip into the Dead Sea being more than 8 times saltier than the average oceans. However this salty lake has decreased by up to one third over the last 40 years. In the next 50 years the Dead Sea will be gone!
The Dead Sea - 8 Places to Travel Before They Disappear Forever

6. Galapagos Islands

These few islands just off of the coast of Ecuador have experienced a surge in tourism of at least 12% for the past 10 years, with the result of increased business in hotels and restaurants. However, the range of unique animal species are currently facing extinction due to increased tourism.
Galapagos Islands - 8 Places to Travel Before They Disappear Forever

7. Congo Basin

Did you know that the Congo Basin has the 2nd largest rain forest in the world? Just like the Amazon rain forest, the Congo basin provides the Earth with vital resources. Experts predict that up to 60% of this rain forest will disappear by 2040, due to mining, farming, illegal logging and guerrilla warfare.
Congo Basin Rainforest - 8 Places to Travel Before They Disappear Forever

8. Glacier National Park, Montana

This huge National Park was once famous for having the 150 glaciers with views that will take your breath away. It now only has 25 active glaciers. Scientists have suggested that due to our climate issues that we face today, all remaining glaciers along with the unique wildlife will be destroyed as soon as 2020!
Glacier National Park Montana - 8 Places to Travel Before They Disappear Forever

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